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Thursday, August 29, 2013

By Kamal Swami

Toyota Camry Hybrid launched with price tag of Rs. 29.75 lakh

The Indian division of Japanese auto giant Toyota, Toyota Kirloskar Motors has finally launched Toyota Camry Hybrid in Indian car market on August 28, 2013. The new Camry Hybrid adorns recently manufactured 2.5 litre powertrain engine and an electronic motor. The newly introduced engine churns the power of 2.3 Bhp and delivers an average of 19.16 kmpl, produing CO2 emissions of 122.8 gm per km.  Other features integrated in Camry Hybrid encompasses Electronically Controlled Continuous Variable Transmission (E-CVT) which results in improving fuel efficiency and enhancing driving features.  With the price tag of Rs. 29.75 lakh (ex-showroom price), Toyota Camry Hybrid received overwhelming welcome from the audiences present at the time of its launch. It is reported that Toyota Motors will produce Camry Hybrid in its assembling plants located in different corners of country.
Toyota Camry Image
Sources from Toyota have revealed that which launch of Camry Hybrid in India, company intends to develop for Hybrid car in country by telling people the advantages of Hybrid car. In the words of Mr. Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Marketing and Commercial, Toyota Kirlosakar Motor, the main objective of company with launch of this car is to make Indian customers aware about the technical features of Hybrid vehicles. According to Mr. Singh, Camry Hybrid is the perfect match of luxurious sedan and hybrid technique. In the words of Mr. Singh, use of Camry Hybrid will define Indian customers as an accountable citizen of country.
Toyota Camry Pictures
Commenting on the launch of Toyota Camry Hybrid experts are of the view that launch of Camry Hybrid will widen the new market for hybrid cars in India, especially in current scenario when prices of petrol are hiking at jet dynamic speed.  Hybrid cars operate on two modes including engine and electronic motor. However the basic difference between electronic and hybrid car is that hybrid car do not require external charging, it automatically charges on operation. 

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