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Monday, January 23, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Toyota cars soon to have turbo direct injection engine

Joining the race for more powerful and frugal engine, Japanese car giant Toyota has decided to develop engines based on the direct injection and turbo petrol technology. These technologies have made the present generation engine more torque as well as good on mileage.

Hyundai and Kia Motors have already adopted the turbo petrol in their cars while Toyota and Honda has since been focusing more on the hybrid technology. Presently in India, Fiat Linea T-jet comes with this technology and the upcoming SUV Ford Ecosport is expected to house turbocharged engine. In addition to this, the Ecosport also houses variable value timing. The 1L engine in the Ecosport will be turbocharged with VVT.

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With the jump in to this technology, Toyota cars in India along with the offerings worldwide will be running on the new turbo charged petrol and diesel engines. The new technology adoption by Toyota is expected to get some real shape in its cars next year. It is expected that first the technology will be introduced in the vehicles marketed in Japan and then the technology will be given to the world in Toyota cars.

A close peek into the turbocharged engine reveal that such engines use the exhaust gases to further power the engine hence gives additional power in the same amount of fuel. Besides, it cuts down the exhaust gases. In addition to it the turbocharged engines are torque rich at low rpms ensuring that the vehicle gets the thrust without much pressing of the acceleration pedal and much lesser gear shifts that makes the driving easier and less cumbersome even in city.

The turbocharged engines inject fuel directly into the pot as it ensures that the fuel burns fully thus ensuring that no fuel wastes and there is less CO2 and other exhausts.

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