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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Toyota Corolla Altis and Camry recalled in India

The Japanese car maker has announced a recall of its two premium cars Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla Altis in India. This is part of the global recall. This is considered to be the first major recall (globally and in India) by Toyota and as per the official statement, over 8700 Toyota cars have been recalled in India. It included those Corolla Altis cars that were produced between end of July 2008 to the end of December 2008. Meanwhile those Camry produced between the start of September to the end of July 2008 have been included in this recall. The recall is a minor repair and the car maker will be inspecting the power window master switch to check that it is functioning properly.

Toyota Corolla Altis Photo

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Notably, this is a minor recall and Toyota will be checking and if needed will be replacing it. If the switch is found faulty it will be replaced. This minor glitch is in no way a damage to the car as this does not affect the car in any way or cause any injury or threat of injury to the occupants of the car. As per the company, only these two cars have been recalled and no other Toyota car models will be considered under this call back. Toyota has said in an official communication that the selected customers will be informed soon and the recall will begin by November this year. The customers whose car come under this recall can also approach any of the Toyota dealers across the country and this faulty part will be checked and if needed replaced. The whole process is expected to take around one hour.
It is important to note that being premium cars the Camry and Corolla Altis are few in numbers in the country and specially the recall has been announced on the 2008 make of these cars when only a few of these cars were sold in the country. If the recall would have been of the latest models, the number could have been much more. Toyota cars are among the most dependable cars and models such as Toyota Innova, Toyota Etios and Toyota Etios Liva besides other models are considered to be low maintenance cars.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Toyota Corrola Altis is the no. one car luxoury car of toyota.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The new Toyota Corolla Altis price for petrol version varies from Rs 10.53 lakh to Rs 14.77 lakh and the diesel variant price goes from Rs 11.46 lakh to Rs 14.55 lakh.

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