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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Toyota Etios all set for Indonesian launch

The Toyota Etios series including Toyota Etios sedan and Etios Liva hatchback will be launched in Indonesia soon. These two Etios cars have done a great job for the car maker in India and are hoped to translate the same in there as well. It is believed that these two will do wonders in Indonesia as these have the genes to impress with their looks and performance. However, in India the two have failed a little bit in their spell and are not performing well on the sales chart in the country. This may be due to the overall grim situation prevailing in the market in the country. Meanwhile, the Etios and Etios Liva launch in Indonesia is very near.



Toyota cars specially the SUVs are well accepted in Indonesia and the Toyota Etios Liva will be the most affordable car offering by the Japanese car maker at the new destination. The hatchback Etios Liva will be called as Etios hatchback just like the Ford Fiesta has the same name for its sedan as well as the hatchback version in US. The exact launch date of the Etios series is currently unknown but it will be launched in some time from now. As per the details available, the Etios will be launched in the same petrol model as it is offered in India. The 1.2 L petrol engine has proved to be highly economical as well as performing under the hood of this car and it seems that it will replicate its popularity in the same way.


Toyota Etios Pictures

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Soon after the launch, the Etios will be assembled at the plant that is under development in Indonesia and the parts will be exported from India. As far as the price and competition is concerned, the Etios will have tough competition there as well. The prime rivals will be Honda Brio, Nissan March (known as Nissan Micra in India) and Mitsubishi Mirage.

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