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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

By Kamal Swami

Toyota Innova Hybrid: Rumored to be seen around

It is reported that Japanese auto giant Toyota Motors is speculating to offer hybrid versions of all vehicles being sold under its flagship. According to reports spies have succeeded in spotting the new version of Innova on Indian roads which according to them could be hybrid version of Innova. In the words of spies they have seen two models of Innova going tested on roads of which right hand door of one model was completely sealed, but they could not succeeded in noticing the door of other model. But one thing which they found common in both models was that their bonnets were completely camouflaged.
Keeping this factor in concern it is anticipated that company is going to introduce major changes inside the  bonnet which could be either introduction of new engine configuration or could be introduction of hybrid  version and which could be soon introduced in Indian car market. It would be interested to know that Innova has been a successful venture of Japanese car giant since its inception in 2005.
Toyota Innova Pictures
At present saying that Toyota is going to introduce hybrid version of Innova in Indian car market at present would be too early, as introduction of hybrid  version could be cost effective, but we can expect something new happening with Innova which will soon come out in next few days or in weeks or in months.
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