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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Toyota not to introduce Etios sedan for Indonesian market right now

It appears that Indonesian customers would be deprived of the pleasure of driving Toyota Etios sedan and they would just have to be contended with the availability of Toyota Etios Valco Hatchback. According to the latest reports, the Indonesian subsidiary of Toyota called Toyota Astra Motor has taken a final call regarding launching the Toyota Etios Sedan in the market of Indonesia. The marketing director, Mr. Joko Trisanyoto of PT Toyota Astra Motor did reveal that the company is not considering over introducing the Etios sedan within Indonesian market. However, he gave an impression that even in coming future; the possibility of the company regarding launching Sedan appears dubious.

Toyota Etios Pictures

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Toyota Etios Pictures

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Well, there are definitely few reasons that are preventing the company from unveiling the Sedan in the Indonesian market. The prominent reason is that the Toyota doesn’t want the Etios Sedan to enjoy a preferential treatment among the taxi vehicle segment because that would have an adverse impact on the other cars that have presently captured the attention of the private buyers. In simple words, Toyota doesn’t want the Sedan to eat up the sale of Etios Valco.

Toyota Etios Pictures

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This leading automobile manufacturer recently spruced up the Valco by integrating visual zing, edgy bumpers along with revamping the stoplights. TKM has recently introduced the revamped versions of Etios Liva and Etios that are equipped with remarkable interior improvements. Well, the company has certainly discarded the possibility of launching the Sedan right now, but it is apparent that if Etios Valco fares well in the Indonesian market, Toyota may ponder over launching Sedan in order to yield the benefit of the enhanced brand value. Thus, it would be quite interesting to watch that how Etios Valco performs in the market of Indonesia because directly and indirectly that’s the only aspect, which would make its impact on the decision of the introduction of Toyota Etios sedan in Indonesian territory.

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