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Monday, January 07, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Toyota test-drives self driven robotic car

Japanese car maker Toyota gave a demo of an autonomous car in a video clip which will be actually exhibited in front of public in Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas. Autonomous car is car which does not require a driver and can function on its own, by navigating and sensing the environment. According to the sources, the driverless car to be exhibited is the luxury LS model of Toyota Lexus consisting of security features specially designed to reduce car accidents. 


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This dexterous car is armed with a technology called Proprietary Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) along with on-board radar and video cameras, sensors at various dimensions that can keep a watch at the surroundings as well as on the driver at the same time. It was very well quoted by a Toyota spokesperson that, “Zero collisions is our ultimate aim.” The ITS technology is basically devised to be used in the partnership of the driver as it has the capacity to examine whether the driver is alert to keep the car on track and follow the traffic rules. But it can also function well, in the absence of the driver. It was also reportedly tweeted by Toyota that their new invention is leading the car industry into a new automated era.
Meanwhile, Audi is also going to reveal its new self parking car at CES. Its self parking car can spot a free parking space and exactly park its car in that area. Google has already been received a Nevada state driving license to test its self drive Toyota Prius on public roads and has been awarded in the year 2011 with an autonomous car patent. Volvo is no behind in the league as a self-drive convoy was examined by it on a Spanish motorway. Looking forward to these new inventions to protect the people from danger and make their lives smooth.

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