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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Toyota to bring petrol variants of Innova and Fortuner

The decision of Supreme Court India to ban the entrance of diesel vehicles with engine displacement capacity of more than 2000cc had compelled major car makers to determine new strategy for their powerful vehicles. Going through this decision of Supreme Court Toyota Kirloskar Motors, the Indian arm of Japanese car maker Toyota Motors is speculating to launch the petrol variants of its best selling SUVs Innova and Fortuner soon in Indian car market.

Toyota Innova

The role of Innova and Fortuner in company’s total sales can be understood from the fact that share of both these vehicles count to 55% across the country following 14% of sales from Delhi and NCR region. It would be interested to know that Japanese car maker has already launched the petrol variant of Innova empowered with 2,000 VVT-I petrol engine churning the power of 137 bhp and torque of 183 Nm is already of sale in Indonesian car market.

Toyota Fortuner

On the other side Supreme Court of India continued its decision of ban on the sale and registration of diesel vehicles mounted with 2,000 cc displacement capacity in Delhi and NCR region. The bench of Supreme Court yesterday rejected the petition present by major car makers including Toyota, Mercedes Benz and Mahindra requesting the court to revise the decision. The car makers said that diesel vehicles manufactured by them do not affect the pollution.

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