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Friday, July 15, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Toyota’s eye on the swelling Indian Auto Market

The Indian Car Market is the sixth biggest Car Market in the world and sufficiently successful against the commercial rival in context to the cheapest cars (low in price, high in quality) Toyota India has to attain with effort to totter Maruti in Indiana winning competitor enjoying 40% market share in the Indian Auto market. Toyota’s plan for the Indian car market includes improvising on service quality to match increasing volume growth; it would help Toyota India make a classified pattern.

Toyota Motor Corp., Japan’s biggest automaker received 23%more orders for its Toyota Etios Sedan in India than it had targeted, thus experiencing a reverberating success with its Etios Sedan and Toyota Liva.

The company received 37,000orders of Etios sedan as compared to a target of 30,000 in the first seven months of the sales and clearly points to the fact that Etios model outperforms all others in its class. Chief engineer, Yoshinori Noritake mentioned that Toyota is analyzing whether or not to introduce an SUV or MPV Etios in India.

Toyota has revealed the assail ability and uniqueness of the Indian market. It has proved that major portion of Indian market now gives priority to quality and comfort rather than price.Innova (MPV) has become a favorite among big families with utmost safety and comfort.

Sales for Toyota India is doubled because of sales volume pulled in by the made for India Etios sedan. Toyota looks forward to sales figures soared upward of 1,30,000 in the Indian market for 2011 as compared to 75,000 in 2010.

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