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Friday, February 22, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Two new Rolls Royce models in the pipeline; another showroom inaugurated

Rolls Royce cars are one of the most premium cars in the world. In India, people like Amitabh Bachchan still love to drive a Rolls Royce. To cater the need of its fans, the car maker is in plans to bring in two new models in the country. The special edition of Rolls Royce Ghost and Special Edition Phantom might arrive in the Indian car bazaar very soon. These two models will be soon exclusively in the country and would be manufactured in limited numbers. Currently, for the Special Edition, Rolls Royce is doing its homework right. The company is in talks with top-class designers and professionals who will make new Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost models outstanding and very special. This is not the first time that Rolls Royce is planning to sell customized car models. It is already doing the same in Middle East and in 2012 rolled out a special edition of Rolls Royce Dragon in China.

Rolls Royce Ghost Pictures

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To come closer to the Indian fans, Rolls Royce is mulling to introduce the Indian edition of its luxury cars. These would be tailored to the taste of the consumer. When enquired about this customization, the car maker decided not to reveal any kind of info. But they did mention that cars could have a hint of the national bird once, or like Charminar represents Hyderabad so this could be on the car somewhere. The professional designers will work on the designs and would certainly keep up the quality factor as well.

To make its dealership network stronger and better, the car maker has opened up a new showroom of Rolls Royce in Hyderabad. Also in future, Rolls Royce will open up its dealerships in cities like Chandigarh, Chennai and Ahmadabad.

Rolls Royce Ghost Pictures  Rolls-Royce Ghost Cross Side View Picture  Rolls-Royce Ghost Steering Wheel Picture Rolls-Royce Ghost Pictures  Rolls-Royce Ghost Rear Seats Picture

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