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Monday, April 23, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Volkswagen E Bugster convertible on display at Beijing Motor Show

Volkswagen, German car maker has unveiled the convertible version of its electric car Volkswagen E Bugster at the first day (Press day) of the Beijing Motor Show. This car is also believed to pave the way for the convertible version of VW’s best selling car worldwide – Volkswagen Beetle. Earlier this year, the E-Bugster appeared at the Detroit Motor Show and now a Beijing display of the convertible version suggests that it is nearing a launch soon. Being an electric car, this car is termed as the future car and is expected to sell in almost same number as the Beetle car debut in 1938. Notably the Beetle is available in India at a price tag starting at Rs 26.85 lakh.


Volkswagen E Bugster Photo

The E-Bugster looks exactly like the Beetle and being an electric car, it is powered by a 116 hp 85 kWh of power motor that is powered by lithium ion batteries. The E-Bugster is a two seater car unlike the Beetle which is a four seater with 2+2 configuration. Like the Beetle, the powerhouse of the E-Bugster has been placed at the rear and thus passenger space has not been compromised with. However as it is electric powered and need to keep the overall weight down, it has been designed to be a two seater.


Volkswagen Beetle Pictures

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The goes to 160 km in one charge and can be charged by plugging the power source to the input plug placed behind the VW logo on the nose of the car. A single charge can take up to 35 minutes which is quite lower than the upcoming Indian electric car Reva NXR which is expected to be launched by Mahindra this Diwali. The E-Bugster is wider than Beetle to accommodate the battery and the electric motor. Now that the production ready avatar of the E-Bugster is on display at Beijing Motor Show, expect a launch of the car soon.

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