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Friday, June 22, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Volkswagen, Ford, GM, Honda and other foreign car players witness slide in sales

The overall car sales trend though may indicate slight upward swing but the condition is grim. Foreign carmakers such as Ford India, General Motors and Volkswagen that gave much competition to Maruti India are facing a tough time this year. Reasons for low performance are rising competition and the car buying trend shift towards diesel cars have all conspired to drag down sales of these car makers. As per the information, Volkswagen car sales in May dropped by 26 percent while General Motors sold 27 percent less cars that it sold in the same month last year.

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These car brands came up with large number of cars in India and flooded almost every segment with highly lucrative offerings. But with the cut-throat competition these companies succumbed to their own fate. Another major drawback was the inability of these companies of supplying the diesel version of their cars in India. Chevrolet Spark still remains a petrol car. Not only these car brands but Honda as well failed miserably due to the non availability factor. All its cars including Honda Brio, Honda Jazz, Honda City and other cars even Honda CR-V SUV runs on petrol.

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Meanwhile, Maruti that was primarily a petrol car maker has timely shifted its focus to diesel cars and its models such as Maruti Swift Dzire and Maruti Ertiga recently have performed exceedingly well, even greater than petrol driven Maruti Alto. Besides, this there is also a fact that nobody will disagree with and it is that still the average Indian car buyer trusts Maruti and Tata cars as well as Mahindra cars rather than Volkswagen, Skoda or any other car. It is the rich who prefer to have lush and plush brand cars in their fleet compared to Indian masses who are contented with a non air conditioned Maruti 800 as well.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Volkswagen Vento is excellent car with luxurious features.

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