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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Volkswagen Gol tops list of world’s best selling small car, beats Maruti Alto

The small car Maruti Alto has lost its title of being the world’s best selling small car to Volkswagen Gol. In 2012, over 2.86 lakh Alto were sold while over 2.93 lakh units of Gol were sold worldwide. With these two cars securing the top two positions, at the third pedestal is the car – Fiat Uno that managed to sell over 2.55 lakh cars. Though the three are incomparable in terms of features and price but as these are small cars a comparison can be drawn between them. India only has the Maruti Alto but worldwide, the Uno and Gol have locked horns at several places including Brazil. Sensing this popularity of Gol car it is believed that Volkswagen could realize its sales target that it has set for in order to become the world leader in sales.


There are a couple of reasons or say so many reasons that impacted the sales of Alto and could not let it retain its title in 2012. These are arrival of Maruti Alto 800, market conditions, petrol price hike and a large number of other reasons including high interest rate and overall grim sentiment in the market that led Maruti to post only 3.2 percent growth in December last year. Also, significantly, Tata Nano sales have improved in December which means that there is a section of car buyers that has shifted from Maruti to this Tata car as in no case demand for cars can be sky high in December. Now as per the rumors, Alto Diesel is coming and it is expected to unveil at the Auto Expo next year. If that happens, again Alto or now the Alto 800 will be the most selling car in the world.

Volkswagen Golf Photo

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Prior to the arrival of Alto 800 diesel car, the car maker is already selling CNG model of the same in order to give some relief to car buyers who are exhausted in paying the ever high petrol prices. Another reason for a somewhat slow growth is the December factor.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

This car has perfect features..

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