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Saturday, March 09, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Volkswagen India management team changed, new MD is Kodumudi

Volkswagen has appointed Mr. Gerasimos Dorizas as Chief Representative of the Volkswagen Group India retroactive to March 1, 2013. Doriaz was earlier designated as the Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd who now has been appointed as the Chief Representative of VW Group India. Mr. Mahesh Kodumudi has also been appointed as the President and Managing Director of Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. effective from March 1, 2013. Dr. John Chacko who was earlier appointed as the Managing Director and Group Chief Representative of Volkswagen India will now be working for AUDI AG effective from April 1, 2013, however the company has not revealed anything about his designation at AUDI AG.

Gerasimos Dorizas who joined Volkswagen Group as a Sales expert started his career in sales in 1987 with Nixdorf which is located in Greece. In 1992 he shifted to the automobile industry where he worked at responsible positions in sales with various reputed firms. He joined Volkswagen 2007, where he was appointed as the Executive Vice President for Sales and marketing of Volkswagen Group Japan. In 2008, prior to joining Volkswagen Group Sales India as the Managing Director in 2012 he was appointed as the President and CEO of Volkswagen Group Japan.

Mahesh Kodumudi did engineering from India and also got a degree in the same field from UAS too. He got his breakthrough in the automotive components industry and later joined Volkswagen Group in 2008 as a Executive Director, Purchasing of Volkswagen India.

Dr. John Chacko on the other hand has been a part of the Volkswagen Group since 1979.  Mr. Chacko did aeronautical engineering and has seen all highs in his career at Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT. Before he was appointed as the Technical project Manager for India, he worked with Volkswagen in Wolfsburg . It has been a long itinerary for him at Volkswagen, in 2008 he joined Volkswagen India as the Technical Managing Director. In 2010 he became the President, managing Director and Group Chief Representative for India.

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Anierrudh Sundararajan

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Is there any possibility of contacting Mr. Mahesh Kodumudi or any possibilities for knowing his contact email-id.

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