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Monday, October 22, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Volkswagen launches 21.74 kmpl Polo Blue GT petrol

The German car maker is pushing its Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagen Vento hard. After imbibing a lot of features in these two cars, the car maker has launched the Polo Blue GT edition. The best part of this variant is its high frugalness. The rising petrol prices no longer affect this Volkswagen car and the owner gets the same peace of mind as that of any other diesel car owner. The Polo comes with ACT cylinder deactivation technique that switches of one or two cylinders as needed and thus reduces the power consumption. In UK the Polo Blue GT price is £17,400. There is high probability that the car maker will be launching it in India as India is a country that is obsessed with mileage and this car will certainly be the best option for those who wish the power and still care for frugality.

Volkswagen Polo Pictures

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The Polo and the Vento cars are the two models by Volkswagen that seems to be always ahead in technology and newness than others. Be it the IPL of any other occasion, Volkswagen has been ahead in launching special edition cars in the country. The IPL edition of Polo and Vento were a big hit the second time as well and now that the Polo Blue GT is in, it is expected that the car will also get huge response. The Blue GT Polo is powered by the 1.4 L TSI petrol engine that is studded with turbocharged technology. The engine outputs 138 hp which is a near power to that of any SUV. A torque of 250 Nm sprints the car to a 100 knots in few seconds.

Volkswagen Vento Pictures

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With such power underneath, the Polo was thought to be a fuel guzzler but the latest introduction of the start stop technology in which one or two cylinders become in operational as the power demand of the car is less and so it greatly reduces the fuel consumption. Once the car needs more power, the cylinders start and give the same power back to the car. The switch occurs very fast and is not at all felt. Thus it has no impact on performance and yet the car saves fuel even if it is running. On petrol the Blue GT Polo returns a mileage of 21.74 kmpl which is just less than what the Maruti Alto 800 returns.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Volkswagen Vento has been priced very well in the class and has some very remarkable features like the ones I have mentioned above.

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