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Friday, October 19, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Volkswagen Polo and Passat based SUVs in the making, launch in 2014

It seems that it is high time for Renault Duster to have a second rival after the recent entry of the Mahindra Quanto in the segment and it will be from the Volkswagen stable. It is reportedly known that the Germans are building a compact SUV based on the Volkswagen Polo and it will be positioned straight against the Duster. A seven seater crossover is also in the making and this will be the SUV that will be positioned above the Volkswagen Tiguan. The full grown SUV by VW will be based on the Volkswagen Passat and these two new VW SUVs will be the volume pullers in their respective segments.

Volkswagen Polo Pictures

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The Duster has been utmost winner in the segment and is getting huge response from car buyers in India. This SUV has its 85 PS diesel model sold out and only the 115 PS diesel models are available. The best part of the SUV is its price. However, the seating options are restricted to five but the dealers are providing extra two seats fitted at the rear making it a seven seater already. The car is still to provide a seven seater version. Now that VW is in the process of making the Polo based SUV, it seems that Renault may have to revise its configuration of the Duster and imbibe in it some new features to face the heat by Polo Compact SUV.  

Volkswagen Passat Pictures

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Meanwhile, reports also suggest that the new Polo based SUV will be a prime rival of the upcoming Ford Ecosport. This SUV is anticipated with much enthusiasm and early reviews suggests that if the configuration remains the same as that of the Brazilian model, it will be an instant hit in India. Where the Ecosport is arriving in 2013, the Polo SUV will take sometime and will be launched sometime in 2014.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I like Volkswagen Cars.

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