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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By John Andrew

Volkswagen Polo GT TDI emerging as tough contender of Hyundai i20

By launching Polo GT TDI in Indian car market, Volkswagen has placed tough competition in front of Hyundai i20, influencing hatchback segment of Indian car market since its inception. But with launch of Polo GT TDI from Volkswagen it seems that the magic of Hyundai i20 will diminish to some extent. Although the result of this competition is yet to come but industry experts believe that in coming days Indian market will witness tough fight emerging between both these renowned names of Indian auto industry.
Volkswagen Polo Image
The recently launched Polo GT TDI from Volkswagen is empowered with 1.6 litre TDI engine with 4 cylinders and garnished with five speed manual gearbox. The engine churns the power 103 bhp and develops the torque of 250 Nm. On the contrary Hyundai i20 assimilates 1.4 litre U2 CRDi engine with displacement capacity of 1396 cc followed by six speed manual gear box. The engine develops the power of 88 bhp and torque of 220 Nm. From this point of view undoubtedly Polo GT TDI from Volkswagen wins the power competition.
Hundai i20 Image
Moving ahead towards the architecture of both these hatchbacks, Polo GT TDI carries the same taste as carried by its ancestors with minor changes. Whereas Hyundai i20 has recently undergone few cosmetic changes for instance LED fog lamps and specific pair of tail lights. On comparing interiors of both these hatchbacks it would be interested to know that interiors of Hyundai i20 are miles ahead from interiors of Polo GT TDI. However there are some common features which are found equally in both vehicles, but still i20 wins the battle of interiors. As far as price of both these models are concerned GT TDI is offered with price tag of Rs. 8.08 lakh, whereas top variant of Hyundai i20 is available with price tag of Rs. 7.64 lakh.

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