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Thursday, August 09, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Volkswagen to bring electric cars in India

The German car maker Volkswagen has said that despite being a good car market, the Indian car industry is still not ready for electric cars but it will launch electric cars in India soon. Notably, there are only few electric or hybrid cars in India prominent among these are Mahindra Reva and Toyota Prius. Besides these two cars there are a lot of other upcoming electric car launches including Mahindra Reva NXR, an electric car by GM, it could be Beat Electric and Maruti Swift Hybrid that runs on petrol and switches to electric motor. India no doubt has just moved from traditional fuels to hybrid a little bit. Mahindra has already introduced micro hybrid in Mahindra Bolero and other SUVs.

Toyota Prius Pictures

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No doubt, electric cars are infrastructure intensive and charging stations besides service and spares are a distant dream. Now that Volkswagen has decided also to foray in this segment, it seems that India will surely get some of the best electric cars. However, it is still unclear which VW cars will be brought to India or the existing ones will get their electric models in place but it is sure that it will be VW that will be bringing in transformation in this segment that is untapped following lack of proper offerings.

Reva NXR Pictures

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The Mahindra Reva NXR that will be launched this Diwali will be the sole electric car in India and it was the only electric car in the country. However, being so small with a seating capacity for two adults and two kids, the Reva NXR does not fulfil the purpose of an average Indian car buyer. Also people are still skeptic about the success and future of electric cars as well as there are some other technical issues about which people are unaware and thus there not much inspiring air about electric cars.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Volkswagen offers luxurious cars. Hope this electric car will also get luxurious features.

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