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Friday, January 10, 2014

By John Andrew

Volkswagen to showcase new Passat at Detroit Motor Show

Change is a continuous process and therefore to stay tuned with changing time it is necessary to change according to time. The following principle seems to be suitable for auto industry throughout the world which is working on introduction of new vehicles in global market according to requirement of today’s customers. Few days back we have reported that German car maker is going to phase out its sedan Passat from Indian car market. According to recent reports the company is now working on development of generation next Passat which will be based on Bluemotion platform and unveil the same vehicle during Detroit Motor Show, proposed to be held next week.
Volkswagen Passat Pictures
The Bluemotion platform makes the use of 1.4 litre TSI engine followed by cylinder deactivation technology coated with dual clutch DSG gearbox, thus delivering an average of 18 kmpl.  Apart from this Bluemotion technology is also bestowed with coasting function which is used in hybrid Jetta. This system enhances the fuel efficiency of  vehicle. Here it needs to be mention that use of Bluemotion technology does not affect the performance of vehicle and engine generates the power of 150  bhp and torque of 249 Nm.
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