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Thursday, February 02, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Volkswagen Touareg features and specs more details surge

SUV, SUV and SUV. Come few months and only this word will occupy the top three positions on the list of car launches in India. Among others, Volkswagen India will also be adding the Volkswagen Touareg to the gradually heating up SUV segment in India. As per the information, VW will be launching the VW Touareg in India in the coming months. India is expected to receive the second generation of the SUV and will be available as completely built unit. The Touareg will be positioned below the Audi Q7 in India.

Volkswagen Touareg Pictures

See More Volkswagen Touareg Pictures Get Volkswagen Touareg Price

The VW Touareg has already been unveiled for India at the Auto Expo held in January this year in New Delhi. The Touareg was since then spotted in various parts of the country while testing specially in Pune. The 2012 Touareg is a five seater car and can be termed as a full grown SUV with on board processors that take care of the stability and handling. This is called the 4Motion system and has been developed exclusively for VW Touareg. This also enables the VW SUV in India to have descent control besides many off roading features that will make the sports crazy people in India go gaga.


Volkswagen Touareg Pictures

See More Volkswagen Touareg Pictures Get Volkswagen Touareg Price

VW Touareg will be launched in India in a single engine variant which is the 3L six valve TDI engine. This engine will be giving mammoth 240 bhp to the SUV with 550Nm peak torque enabling it to handle whatsoever terrain come in its way. In order to handle this much power, the VW Touareg will be available in eight speed automatic transmission that will also make it frugal contrary to other SUVs. Full-fledged eight airbags will be at service in the Touareg making it an impenetrable cocoon. Other safety features include, ABS, EBD and stability program. 18 Inch alloys, LED daytime running lights, full panoramic sunroof and bi xenon headlamps will be there to adorn this upcoming SUV in India.

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