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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Volkswagen Up to have 109 bhp model soon

The Volkswagen Up launch in India seems to be near. Where India expects the most affordable small car by VW, the car maker is about to launch the 109 bhp turbo petrol version of the car and it will be called as VW UP GT. This will not only satisfy the power crazy but will also offer the car with QUV like capabilities. Notably, 109 bhp is high power for such a small car as even the Renault Duster has 85 PS and 115 PS engine options under the hood. Thus with the new engine, the Up! will be more powerful than any of the hatchbacks in India. Even more powerful than the 90PS Fiat Punto Sport. The Up price in India is expected to start at Rs 4 lakh and the car maker will be launching it with high level of customization and localization.

Volkswagen Up Pictures

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The introduction of the 1 L engine under the hood will make it more powerful than the 800 cc 3 cylinder engine that is currently under the hood of the car. Currently, the car is available in 59 bhp and 75 bhp power outputs. In addition to the power boost, the car maker will also be making sure that the car gets a treatment as far as the transmission channel is concerned. The new Up will have a six speed automatic transmission that will be translating the power from the engine to the wheels in toto. With this the car will have an 100 kmph acceleration in 8.5 seconds. The Up GT’s turbo petrol engine will also make sure it remains efficient and not a fuel guzzler.

Volkswagen Up Pictures

See More Volkswagen Up Photos Get Volkswagen Up Price

In order to cope up with the high speed, the car will also have a new suspension that will make it more sturdy and stable at even it highest speed of 195 kmph. With this the new turbo petrol car will not be a small car as it will have a race horse under the hood. Notably, in India, the car along with the Skoda Citigo is highly awaited.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

It is a great design with innovative features and engineering. This is sure to bring Indian auto market a favorite in small car segment.

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