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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

By John Andrew

Volkswagen working on revolutionary engine technology

It is reported that German car maker Volkswagen is working on introduction of new petrol engine technology which will be equipped with fleet of new technical features that will enhance the performance and fuel efficiency of vehicles.  Commenting on this technology Mr. Ulrich Hackenber, Chief Technical Officer, Audi, said that the upcoming engine technology will be bestowed with company’s technical thoughts.
From the long time German car maker has been showcasing its technical advancement resulting in fuel efficiency through different concept vehicles in various auto expos organized throughout the world. The latest name in this series is Coasting which was displayed in Blue Motion concept of Passat. The coasting enhances the fuel efficiency my merging engine and transmission system when the driver enhances the speed of his vehicle.
Volkswagen Passat Pictures
Volkswagen’s subsidiary Audi had also showcased electrically assisted forced induction technology followed with twin turbo V6 engine two years back. This technology is similar to Ford’s 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine, facilitating the electric driven turbo engine to forward air into engines at low speed, thus minimizing the pressure on engine and enhancing the performance and fuel efficiency of vehicle.

As it is known that with increasing concern towards eco friendly vehicles all major car manufacturers are now working on developing such engine technology which enhances the fuel efficiency and deliver efficient performance at an affordable price without harming the environment. The manufacturers are now emphasizing on developing engine which reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The first company to look on this issue was Ford which offered EcoBoost technique in its engine which was later joined by General Motors in form of EcoTec engine technology.

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