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Saturday, March 10, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Volvo launches attractive discounts on the D3 diesel variants

After introducing the deducted price for the 2012 models of the Volvo S60, the Volvo S80 and the Volvo XC60, the car maker Volvo has now offered mouth watering cash discount of Rs. 70,000 on these cars. However, the company has recently asserted through its Facebook page that this offer is going to be valid till stock lasts or 31st March, 2012. No doubt, with this offer, the company must be expecting to get a good response from the enthusiasts.

Volvo S60 Pictures

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The cut-rate variants of the S60, the S80 and the XC60 cut are powered by the D3, 2 liter turbo-diesel inline that has incredible power of 163 bhp with maximum torque 400 Nm. Now with attractive discount of Rs. 70,000, the S60 is now available at the price of Rs. 22.2 lakh, the S80 is offered at Rs. 31.2 lakh while, the XC60 is available at Rs. 33.2 lakh (All the prices are ex-showroom prices of Delhi). Though the five cylinder diesel inline has been made bit cheaper, but its equipment level is still high.

Volvo S80 Photo

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Volvo, the Chinese owned Swedish car maker has been a hallmark of best in class features, standard safety innovations and ultimate luxury experience. Volvo has been a strong competitor of other premium like the Audi, the BMW and the Mercedes Benz, however it has been struggling on the Indian sub-continent to mark its presence. The company has therefore initiated to import the downsized turbo-diesel engines and sell out the cut price variants of these cars. Undoubtedly, the tagged prices of the S60, the S80 and the XC60 are now too low and hence, there lies the hope for the auto-grand to gear up its sales volume.

Volvo XC60 Pictures

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So far the dealership network of the Volvo cars is also limited to seven cities in India and in coming two years, the company is planning for its further expansion in the domestic region. Volvo is also looking forward to launch its S90 sports cars by the end of 2012.

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