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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Volvo records 150 percent sales growth in 2013, hopes bright future ahead

The Indian luxury car market is getting huge response. The best example of this is the recent disclosures by the Swedish luxury car maker Volvo. It has said in a statement released that it has sold over 821 units in 2012 with a sales growth of over 150 percent. The car maker also hopes to continue this growth and attain a target of over 35 percent growth in the next year. This growth will be achievable if it will sells over 1100 units next year. This sales growth over 150 percent is achieved following the introduction of new models as well as expansion of sales and service network.  


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Currently, the company sells cars as completely built units and now that it has gained so much momentum in sales of its cars, auto industry experts believe that soon it should starting manufacturing cars in the country. Though there is no official information regarding this as of yet but sources confirm that the car giant is soon to trigger local assembly as well as enlarging its product base in the country. As per the reports, Volvo has been able to popularize its cars in India following the participation in local events as well as sponsorship of many programs in India. It is also reported that the company will launch Volvo V40 in a couple of months.

The strategy to target the top brass in India proved to be fruitful for Volvo as it has amassed great response from them and this has also translated into increase in sales. Apart from this, the car maker has also participated in various events related to Golf and Fashion as well. Currently, the car maker offers Volvo S60 sedan as the most affordable car and its price starts at Rs 25.02 lakh while the Volvo XC90 SUV is the highest priced car by this car maker. The XC90 price in India starts at Rs 44.90 lakh.  


Volvo S60 Pictures

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