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Monday, November 26, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Volvo to launch Audi Q3, BMW X1 rival V40 Crossover in India

India nears becoming a SUV hub. It will be here that the most affordable of all SUVs – Mahindra Quanto will be available and it will be here that that plushier Rs 1 crore SUV Land Rover Range Rover will be there. In between this price range as well there are so many SUVs and there are more to come. The most important entry next year will be the Volvo V40 Cross Country. This SUV is expected to take a price of Rs 25 lakh in India and it will be the one that could literally change the fate of entry level luxury segment. In this segment, the car will be competing with the two giants – BMW X1 that is also the best selling BMW SUV and the Audi Q3 which is also the best selling Audi SUV in India. What is expected to push Volvo V40 Cross Country sales will be its price and features at the same price.  

BMW X1 Pictures


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It is believed that the entry of the new car will also give a kick to the Volvo car sales in India and it is also quite possible that this car could become the best selling Swedish car in the country. Meanwhile, experts believe that competing with Audi Q3 and X1 will not be as simple as it seems. Both these cars have been in India for quite some time now and thinking of dethroning them is out of question initially but it could be possible once people get to know more about the SUV and its features.

Audi Q3 Pictures

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As per the sources information, the car will be imported as completely built unit as there are no plans yet to kick off production in house in India as the company is not so bullish about numbers initially. However, if there is a response, there is no doubt that the company might think of going for the other route. As this SUV is going to be a remodeling of the Volvo V40 hatchback, the car maker will have to make little effort in producing it. The company will be offering a lot of safety and true SUV features besides 150 bhp diesel engine and 254 bhp petrol engine option which will be robust enough to teach the crossover to tackle any terrain.



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Monday, November 26, 2012

It is Very good now a battle between Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volvo will be available to see. price of these luxury cars could also come down after increasing stiff competition.

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