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Thursday, January 03, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Volvo V40 Cross Country crossover teasers appear, launch soon

Swedish car company Volvo will debut its launch spree in India with the Volvo V40 Cross Country crossover this year. The exact Volvo V40 launch dates are yet to be announced but the teasers of it have already started appearing. The new SUV by Volvo will be competing with the likes of Audi Q3 and BMW X1 and thus it will have a tough fight ahead. Experts believe that it is good that Volvo is starting its launch line up in the country with the V40 Crossover as the SUV segment is already a hit in the country and worldwide and the SUVs are in great demand in the country. The V40 will join Volvo XC 60 and Volvo XC90 Crossovers. As per the latest information, the Volvo V40 price in India is expected to be under Rs 25 lakh and it is expected to get an upper hand as soon as it launches in March this year.  

Volvo S80 Photo

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The Volvo 40 draws design similarities with that of the Volvo S60 sedan that has a price tag starting at Rs 25 lakh. The Swedish design engineers have imbibed the same Kinetic design philosophy on the V40 as well. From the Mercedes Benz stable, the Mercedes Benz GLA crossover will be giving a tough fight to the V40 and it is expected that following the low presence of the brand, the new Volvo car will have to struggle a little bit initially.  

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The Volvo 40 price in India is believed to be the best thing that will be giving it an instant push once it arrives. It is also believed that V40 will be imported as is in a completely built unit form. In order to get an edge, Volvo will be launching both the petrol and the diesel models in the country. Thus it is said that with the options available, the new car by Volvo in 2013 will be heading for a win-win situation provided it prices the car well. If it is priced somewhere around Rs 25 lakh, it will be the most affordable Volvo car in the country.

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