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Friday, September 30, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Volvo working on Self-Driving car

Volvo Self Driven Car

The concept of self driving car has gained huge popularity during couple of years especially after association of renowned names like Google, Nissan, Tesla, and Ford trying their autonomous cars on roads. Now, one more name has joined the team of these self driven car makers. According to reports Swedish car maker Volvo has also announced to bring its self driving car in coming five years. The sources of company said that they are manufacturing the sample of their autonomous car and will start conducting its road tests from next year on Swedish roads and after assessing their working the same tests will be conducted on roads of China and London during 2018.
Moving ahead the sources of company also said that the self driven car developed by them will be enriched with premium features and will be miles ahead from the cars of other makers. As few months ago Google’s self driven car had hit minibus during test drive, imposing a question on the security measures adopted in self driven cars. However, from time to time videos regarding safe driving tests have been released by car makers making the car enthusiasts believe towards the embellishment of safety features in these cars. Moreover with involvement of Volvo name behind the self driven car one can relax about the integration of safety features that will be offered in proposed upcoming car, as cars developed by Volvo are recognised for superior safety features adorned in them.
According to Volvo's CEO Hakan Samuelsson, the autonomous car developed by them will have steering wheel, but to make it fully autopilot buyers will be required to additional amount of $10,000 to enjoy traveling in driverless car.
Well the future of autonomous car although is still hidden in future but it will be interested to witness the cat fight between the major car makers, with each one endorsing his car to be the best than others.

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