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Friday, February 24, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Want to increase mileage of your car, use ‘water’!

How about simply using ‘water’ as fuel to run your car? Sounds great! No doubt, this seems too good to true. So let the experts around the globe do such incredible stuff, in the meantime we can increase the mileage of our automobile by using ‘water’ as an additional fuel resource and that is practical. A Jaipur based scientist named Prof. Y.K. Vijay has developed and disclosed a new and affordable technique to boost the fuel efficiency of our four wheelers.

This inexpensive procedure was practiced by Prof. Vijay on his own car, the Nissan Sunny 1988 model. While the equipment used is termed as Catalytic Fuel Production Kit (CFPK) that essentially lowers the ingestion of petrol or LPG fuel producing combustible hydrogen, which supplies the same to the available fuel and give out another constituent of hydrogen resulting in less usage of the fossil fuel.


Prof. Vijay with Nissan Sunny 1988 model

In an exclusive interview with, Professor Vijay informed that he has been using his white color ’88 model Nissan Sunny with this CFPK since last one and half year and has seen a noteworthy 10 percent to 15 percent enhancement in the fuel performance of the car. The expense that this CFP kit incurs currently is nearly INR 10,000.

It all works on the principle of water electrolysis, where hydrogen atoms that are extremely combustible gets pulled out from H2O (water) by the process of water electrolysis, which sees current passing through the oxygen and hydrogen gas resulting in decomposition of water. As an electrolyte, the Prof. Vijay uses common salt.

Prof. Y.K. Vijay, who is the Director of Center for Development of Physics Education in University of Rajasthan, says that although it is as of now used by him with petrol and LPG, while the diesel use as fuel is under the experimentation.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

good luck

Amit Pillay

Friday, February 08, 2013

i want one for my car, how can i get it, plz assists

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