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Carkhabri is expecting an early launch of ford ecosport some where september (prefestive season) 2012 in india, whle most other car web page in india are quoting that it will be launched mid of next year. Why there is such a huge gap in this expectation? what is the basis of your report of expected launch for Ford Ecosport? Will it overturn the rule of renault duster in compact SUV?
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Asked By Shiv Kanha
Friday, August 3, 2012
Dear Shiv,

Let’s go a bit into the past. Maruti launched Maruti Ertiga MPV, the first vehicle to introduce the name ‘compact’ in the utility segment in India. The rejoinder it got was much more than the expected and up till now it enjoys a waiting of nearly 5-6 months for diesel versions. Recently, Renault, in trauma with its earlier failures, launches Renault Duster- the compact SUV, becomes noticeable from being negligible. Sighting these lucrative/volume-selling launches, why will an ultra-promising vehicle like Ford EcoSport stay back and gaze at the ongoing hustle-bustle.

Keeping in mind all this happening, our reliable sources suggest that if Ford Motors gives a miss, in terms of launch, to the upcoming festive season or just prior to that it will be a unkind strategy for themselves. Because Diwali is one such extravaganza on which even No.1 carmaker like Maruti believes to give their product a full length exposure and grab optimum attention of the masses, though its carries tremendous brand-value. And as far as competition to Renault Duster is concerned, it will sit in the premium category while Duster will the entry level choice compact SUV in the country. Since its base variant price is supposed to be nearly Rs 8-9 Lakh.
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Answered By Surendra Singh
Friday, August 3, 2012
Ths Surendra, Hope the ford act on ur comment.
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Answered By Shiv Kanha
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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