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The last question was answered on Wednesday, September 16, 2015   characters left

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Which are the better option between Ford fiesta classic and Maruti swift dizire diesel versions. considering Looks,Features,Utility,Price,Maintenance and Mileage.
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Asked By Vijay Dabhade
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Dear Vijay,

Both of these sedans Maruti Swift Dzire and Ford Fiesta Classic are one of the best sellers of their respective companies and possess some unique capabilities. Below mentioned is the description as per your requisites.

Looks: Maruti Swift Dzire has got one of the most up market looks in the sedan segment, while Ford Classic is a bit conventional sorts but still looks elegant.

Features: They are more or less the same, but with launch of Titanium variant of Ford Fiesta Classic it has taken a bit of upper hand over Swift Dzire. The USP with Ford Classic has been its voice command function and Bluetooth connectivity alongside 100% foldable rear seat to increase the cargo space.

Utility: The utility factor is great with Ford Fiesta Classic as it has got ample interior cabin space besides a standard boot that makes it a complete sedan that can go anywhere anytime. With Maruti Dzire it is more of an urban sedan that is compact, contemporary and comes with less space against Classic sedan; be it rear legroom or space at the boot.

Price: Both offer real value for money. The Classic Diesel starts with 6.80 Lakh and ends up with Rs 7.82 Lakh. On the other hand, Maruti Swift Dzire price for diesel model commences with Rs 5.99 Lakh and goes up to Rs 7.34 Lakh for high end version.

Maintenance: Maruti cars are always easy to maintain and have wide spread after sales network across the country compared to any other car maker in India. Hence, Dzire is no different but Ford has also spent a decent time in the country and is now not that expensive as it was earlier in the initial times. One can give it a try and taste the American service approach with Ford Fiesta Classic sedan.

Mileage: The Company claims a mileage of 23.4 kmpl in standard conditions while practically it can be nearly 15-17kmpl in city and 20-23kmpl on the highways. Ford Classic can sensibly deliver 13-14kmpl in city while on the long routes it can be 18-20kmpl. Here Ford claims a fuel economy of 20.7 kmpl.
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Answered By Imran Khan
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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