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BMW M5 Reviews


By Ashish

Price: 9,03,800


Best choice for tycoons

Pros : Appreciable design, great interior work and premium comforts

Cons : Not a payable price

Recently, I visited the BMW showroom, here at Delhi. I was shocked and was lucky to see the ultimate BMW M5 that was brought in the showroom just after its launch at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012. One of the sales representatives of BMW told me about the entire functioning and also showed me the interiors of this car. I was been told that this is equipped with a vibrant 4.4 liter twin turbo engine that enables this car to run alike F1 race cars. However, I was shocked to hear that this car would make debut in the Indian market at the approximate price tag of Rs. 1 crore. From the approximated price it seems that this car would be the preference of business tycoons and renowned personalities.  

It looked extremely elegant in its red colored avatar with a combination of long alloy wheels and broad tyres on it. There are ample of features available in this car that avails you the pleasurable feel. Once you step in this magic shuttle, you won’t ever intend to get out it. Everywhere inside this car you will premium leather upholstery with wooden plush. The dash board is too wide to hold ample of you utility stuff. For the rear passengers, there is a separate portion on the back side of front seats wherein you can work with your laptop of can use it as a tray. The floor mating is totally unique and the thick carpet can soak the liquid and dust quite easily.

While travelling in day light there is a sunblind feature in this car, which keep sunlight rays away from you. Separate AC vents , rear seat LCD, Front Multi-functioning media screen with GPS, Six airbags etc. are some of the features caters you with an ultimate luxurious and safest ride experience.

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