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BMW M5 Reviews


By Navin

Price: 9,03,800


Catch up the drive with BMW M5

Pros : Cool features, rock solid metal sheet and the German efficient technology

Cons : I will have to drive it to check out its setbacks

It is quite amazing to see that the Indian car market is slowly and steadily welcoming the western trendy cars in the domestic auto-makers. With the launch of BMW M5 in the Indian sub-continent, there is one more luxury sports coupe member to stand head to head with cars like Lamborghini Avendator, Bentley Continental, Koingsegg Agera etc. Though, I have not test driven BMW M5, but one thing I could surely say is that this car going to be one of the fastest cars available in India after Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg Agera.   

I wonder at what price it is going to come in India, but whatever the price would be, the patrons would be the selected dignitaries. I am surprised to see few of its pics in the newspaper that BMW M3 looks almost similar to its sibling BMW M5, but there must the change in engine technology and features.  

I posses the nominal luxury BMW 3 Series, but for buying a BMW M5, I will have to wait for next 20 years. I would not dare to compare my mini champ, BMW 3 Series with its master, BMW M5. But yea, comparing with cars that I mentioned earlier, I feel that the company could have carved BMW M5 with better sportier design.  

I am desperate to see this luxury car soon hitting the Indian streets, but I feel pitty when I see the pathetic conditions of Indian roads. I think that the low ground clearance of cars like BMW M5 would be equivalent to the mountainous speed breakers of our traditional roads. Overall, I am expecting BMW M5 to be a mean machine loaded with a vibrant engine and ample of exciting features.

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