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Chevrolet Camaro Reviews


By Yogendra

Price: 9,03,800


Chevrolet Camaro: It’s a point where power meets luxury

Pros : Mind boggling looks, good fuel efficiency, amazing styling, exhilarating driving experience.

Cons : Aggressive pricing, availability of similar features at much lower price

Chevrolet’s best seller and the iconic world renowned car “The Camaro” is all set to enter the Indian market with a big buzz, the famous Transformers movie car has earned world fame and repute in the areas of racing and not just sports, the dazzling Camaro has set new benchmarks in providing the world class luxury, ease and thrill at driving and it just not stops here the list continues. Camaro is the king of looks and it’s been designed to cater the requirements of 2 types of car lovers with a single solution. It’s a sports car for people who love to drive at high speeds and a luxurious sedan for the ones who loves to own a car that provides ease of commutation without compromising on the comfort level.

Camaro in the Indian market will face stiff competition for the existing players like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi as they have their roots deeply embedded however raising questions on the GM’s premier would not be correct, Chevrolet has good understanding of the Indian customers and they have been serving them for decade now. Launching Camaro is a well planned action as the car is a brand in luxury, comfort, and style. It comes loaded with features like daytime running lights, automatic headlamps, traction control system, Stability control system, single zone climate control and cruise control system which increases the comfort and provides ease at driving.

Camaro has set huge benchmarks of safety standards which are not easy to leapfrog and encompasses features like anti theft system, front reading lamps and passenger air bags all these makes it a very safe car to drive at high speeds and you would be surprised to know that it’s just a small description of the inherent capabilities the beauty holds.

Chevrolet’s decision of bringing the Camaro is a part of a strategic plan to strengthen their presence in the luxurious market which is currently been ruled by the three major giants however the success is yet to be seen.

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