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Jeep Wrangler Reviews


By Ankus

Price: 9,03,800


Jeep Wrangler: A best friend and a true off roader

Pros : Styling, rugged looks, muscular design, fluffy interiors, easy to drive and a true off roader

Cons : Aggressive pricing, too much delay

I have been driving Toyota’s Fortuner for 6 years now and have treaded all kind of potholed, uneven, dusty, muddy roads and the entire journey was great, car helped me out on almost every terrain and I was able to escape all the emergency situations during my excursions but I was bored now and  looking forward for a vehicle which can take all these features to an all new height, I recently saw the Jeep wrangler and it rose adrenaline in my blood to the apex level, it’s the exact personification of my desire. I got disappointed to know that I will have to wait for some more months as the car is scheduled to launch at the end of the year.

 Robust, Iconic, strong, muscular design fills the rider with the energy and makes the SUV rugged unbeatable contender of the worst of the terrains, it would not be justified to call it just a car, as it is a true companion of the long lonely off road drives too, for an SUV its mileage is pretty cool so it can rightly be called a complete action packed package I even made plans to visit some of the toughest terrains with my Jeep Wrangler. Interiors of the car are too fluffy for an SUV leather console, upholstery gives a feathery touch. Vehicle has set high safety standards too; it comes integrated with best in class safety features and comes fitted with audio control, cruise control and manual convertible roof as the standard equipment.

Jeep Wrangler is a drug that mixes with the blood and runs through the muscles of the true off roaders it is an energy drink that keeps the rider awake on the worse of the roads and gives the power to face the fear with utmost competence. It unites with your personality and turns the rider into a warrior, ready to rock on.

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