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Mahindra Quanto Reviews


By Renuka

Price: 9,03,800


Mahindra Quanto: A perfect vehicle that can take upon Ertiga

Pros : mileage, ruggedness, utility, durable engine

Cons : nothing to say

Hi, Friends

Some days back Maruti Ertiga was launched and it now gathering many accolades and bookings. I also had an opportunity to test drive one and I was impressed with the skills that this displayed apart from some shortcomings. I had made up my mind and was about to book the same with waiting period of 6 months in Ludhiana. In the mean time one of my colleague informed me about upcoming New Mahindra Xylo in a mini avatar aka Mahindra Quanto.  I have always own some sturdy vehicles and Mahindra has been my favorite since last 10-12 years  I currently own a Scorpio and was  in search of a large hatchback that has utility for space too, like my Scorpio.
As per my friend the quanto will be powered by a same engine of Scorpio but in small form of 1.5 liter engine and it will have all the performance oriented activities of Scorpio engine and as the engine will be smaller it will come up with great mileage too. Now what I was looking for in Ertiga was some SUV like drivability but what I found in it was more fragile ones of a sedan. I want features like 4x2 or 4x4 system in a compact form. While the space in quanto is expected to be same as Ertiga. When it comes to mileage it won’t be 21kmpl but lower and that is acceptable as it will have SUV like things. The tyres in Ertiga look very small compared to the length of the car and the same will not be the case in xylo as being UV maker Mahindra will better take care of that with bigger tyres. One thing of Ertiga that impressed me is the interior comfort and features and the same I look forward in Mahindra Quanto.  The service of Mahindra is far better than Maruti in our city as I have purchased as many as 3 vehicles in span of 10 years.

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