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Mahindra Reva E20 Reviews


By Abhinav Kumbhat

Price: 9,03,800


Perfect city ride car Mahindra Reva E20

Pros : Small compact design fit for city dwellers, amazing mileage, and low maintenance

Cons : Not a family car, compromise on high speed and not a highway wagon

Have you ever experienced the feeling, when you are thinking of something and suddenly that thing arrives in front of you like your distant dream come true, the same thing happened to me? I am Abhinav Kumbhat from Bangalore, a city which can be defined as traffic packed highly crowded and jammed part of Karnataka where it would be very difficult for anyone to reach their respective destination on time. I have been driving Honda City but now looking for a small hatchback that can ease my daily driving conditions to a big extent and my hunt ended at Mahindra’s Reva E20.

Small cute bombshell is a brand ambassador of looks and smartness. Every bit of it is an outcome of diligent endeavors made by the Mahindra team. This is what I call smart marketing where you research deeply what people are asking for and then design the product to wow the customers and Mahindra’s Reva E20 is one such car. Designed for city dwellers fed up of the daily traffic problems, car is like a soothing emolument for them and if you are worried of the ever rising fuel prices than it’s a permanent solution of all your worries. Equipped with lithium ion battery which runs 160kms on a full charge which takes 5 hours is simply mind boggling.

The last factor which is significant and important is the maintenance and I have checked the last Reva’s performance and the figures are very promising. I have been in touch with Mahindra dealers and they have assured me of the least maintenance cost the car holds in the entire industry. Mahindra Reva E20 is a no tension ride for the people who need more car per car, Waiting eagerly for the launch to happen which is scheduled to happen on 18th of March.

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