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Maruti Ertiga Reviews


By Sanjana

Price: 9,03,800


Maruti Ertiga VDi My Chosen One

Pros : Best mileage return, good for long journeys, astonishing performance, affordable price

Cons : unknown

Despaired by the regular trip of 350 km that I have to do by roads every week for my business confronts in a village nearby Jodhpur, I am searching for an MPV that is not only comfortable during long journeys but also has all advantages of a big vehicle. I am also looking for good fuel efficiency from it. Therefore, I do not see any better option than Maruti Ertiga VDi that I have been hearing about since a very long time.

Ertiga not only has a very marginal price but also has considerably great mileage of about 20 kmpl which is good for my monthly budget. A diesel version is what I need the most and the performance that this VDi variant promises is attracting me towards it most. I have applied for the test drive session for this Lifestyle Utility Vehicle and expecting a lot from this great car.

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