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Maruti Ertiga Reviews


By Raghu

Price: 9,03,800


The real picture of Maruti Ertiga LXI Petrol

Pros : Stylish design, Price

Cons : Comfort, Suspension, Build quality

There is space and versatility in Maruti Ertiga but is it enough? The first issue with the upcoming car, so called, LUV (Life Utility Vehicle) Maruti Ertiga is that it doesn’t fit properly in the Indian market scenario. Buyers in India are still not keen on buying bigger MPV’s (they prefer sedans over MPV) and secondly, the promises that this car’s makers are making are not very practical.

These cars don’t fit in to their imagination and they still consider them as insignificant. Even for those who are keen, the multi-purpose vehicles that come with diesel engines are a top choice. Therefore, the future of petrol variant of Maruti Ertiga seems dismal to me.  It is just a five seater passenger vehicle but is big to easily maneuver in congested urban Indian cities.

Design-wise, Maruti Ertiga isn’t absolutely novice.  Build quality has suffered due to cost saving on its design and so has comfort. It has short overhangs and looks like a big hatchback rather than a MPV/LUV. It has a good luggage capacity but is not comfortable for the passengers.

The K series petrol engine of 1.4 L does not make the driving experience on Ertiga as good as on some real big utility vehicles like the Innova or Tavera, though it is quiet and carries the heavy weight vehicle fairly well. Thus, riding in an Ertiga only feels like you are entering a standard car. It is heavy and its suspension system isn’t good enough and that poses problems while handling.

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