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Mitsubishi Mirage Reviews


By Nikhil

Price: 9,03,800


Mitsubishi Mirage: SUV maker to come with hatchback in India

Pros : Engine power is expected to be great

Cons : Can’t say it too early

I am a big fan of crossover maker, Mitsubishi Motors. It is good to hear that this car maker is now going to come with a small car Mirage in Indian market. I think that Mitsubishi has now decided to go with the largest selling hatchback segment in the Indian auto-market. And, it’s great idea in my perception. Though, I have not seen this car, but yes I have read somewhere that the Mirage is quite popular hatchback in the international market and has got great power tossing capacity like the Polo and Fabia.  

Price of Mitsubishi Mirage would decide its fortune in India. Rumors are that it is going to come in the range of Rs. 5 to 6 lakh, my suggestion to the company would be to bring it in the range of Rs. 4 – 5 lakh to attract the buyers. We can expect that Mitsubishi would equip this car with powerful engine, like its SUVs, but while introducing the small car they should understand that fuel efficiency is the major point of concern for every hatchback buyer. Therefore, this car should be introduced in both diesel and petrol engines.

I would really appreciate, if Mitsubishi Mirage is brought in automatic transmission as well. In my point of view company will have to do a better marketing for this car, if they want to sell it in good numbers, otherwise, the results might be as same as the Cedia and the Lancer. If brought at a right price, with efficient engine and great features, I would say that this car is going to be a big challenge for cars like Swift, Micra and Polo.

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Monday, September 17, 2012


Mitsubishi Mirage is soon going to come to Indian market and I am awaiting for the launch.

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