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Nissan Evalia Reviews


By Ravi

Price: 9,03,800


Nissan Evalia-an all round MPV

Pros : Popular in other countries, space, price

Cons : Bland looks, small engine

Nissan has been very active in promoting its new MPV, Nissan Evalia launching soon. The MPV has been featured on the company’s Indian official website and with online booking options for test drive. I am in my thinking phase about buying this model over Toyota Innova.

Here are a few comparison points that I have charted.

Firstly, if I consider space, both Innova and Evalia are seven seaters but the latter has more room for passengers. The middle room is blessed with hell lot of headroom and knee room while luggage space is sufficient behind third row. Secondly, under the bonnet Innova is more powerful than Nissan Evalia. While a 2.5 litre diesel motor resides inside Innova churning out 102PS of power and 200Nm of torque while small 1.5 KPK diesel engine producing 85PS of torque and a similar 200Nm will be adorned by Evalia. However, K9K engines have proven their worth and efficiency in other Nissan cars. Plus, Evalia’s lighter weight will help it deliver more fuel efficiency 19.3 kmpl over Innova’s 11.8kmpl. So, it’s a dicey situation again. Thirdly, after sales service would be more convenient with Innova as the dealerships and service centres are spread across the country. Nissan will obviously take much time to build as many facilities as Toyota has. But fourthly, which is in fact the most important point is the pricing. Nissan is expected to tag its Evalia with a price range too less than Toyota Innova. In fact, Innova’s price list starts from a value where Nissan Evalia’s price list would end.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This car is going to be at the top in the MPV segment and a strong competitor. Though I even read about some other cars but this car had grabbed my attention the most.

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