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Nissan Evalia Reviews


By Sriram

Price: 9,03,800


Nissan Evalia looks a little boxy in appearance

Pros : Expected price of Rs 8 lakh, good space for passengers and storage

Cons : Boxy appearance

Nissan Evalia launch news is flashing everywhere and is also grabbing headlines these days. I was randomly going through the images and some fact given on the Nissan Evalia review section of your site. The Nissan Evalia photos frankly speaking are very simple and suave may be since I saw them on internet so it appeared to be like that to me but I still feel that the Nissan Evalia photos are not that impressive to me.

The MPV looks very boxy in appearance; the auto maker should have given more curves to the vehicle to make it look better appearance wise. However, what made me interested is the expected price of the MPV which is likely to be somewhere between Maruti Ertiga and Toyota Innova, also in that review I read the number of features that are going to be proffered in this MPV which made me interested looking at the price of the MPV. It is going to be a spacious MPV, but then there are other options available too at low price or same price like Toyota Innova which is a very good option though priced a little higher than Rs 8 lakh but then it is worth every penny.

On the other hand we have Mahindra Xylo which is priced quite similar to this or may be a little lower than this as I do not remember the exact price of Mahindra Xylo MPV but I think it is in the lines of Rs 7 to Rs 8 lakh. And then we should not forget the new entry in the MPV segment, Maruti Ertiga MPV which comes for Rs 6 lakh approximately. With these many options available with better looks and at the same price would anyone want to go for something new like Evalia. Nothing can be forecasted right now about this MPV but what I feel is Nissan should have worked a little more on the looks of the MPV, if had done so then things would have been different. But since the launch has not happened and this is my personal opinion I might be proved wrong, the launch is only a few days away and everything will be made clear once the auto maker unveils the price for the Indian customers and we get to see the initial response for the MPV.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The looks are very elegant and impressive. Nissan Evalia is safety features, interiors and good mileage.

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