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Nissan Evalia Reviews


By Adarsh

Price: 9,03,800


Nissan’s 7-seater MPV: Evalia

Pros : Popular in other countries, easy exit/entry doors, space

Cons : After sales, lack of showrooms

Nissan Evalia is soon going to come to Indian market and I am awaiting the launch of this different kind of MPV. It my view it is different from other MPVs in India because of its sliding rear doors. I live in a big family and need to take whole family in car whenever we go for outing. I am expecting that Nissan Evalia would be spacious and comfy too. During the Auto Expo, the handsome hunk of Indian Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor unveiled Evalia. Now, if such a big star places his confidence in the car, why not common people like me?

This is more of a van that a proper MPV and ease of moving in and out of the car is amazing. Even a healthy person does not find it difficult to enter or exit the middle seat. The middle row seat slides forward to make way for passengers entering third seat. I prefer to buy Evalia over Innova or Xylo; because it has the right sized and not very lengthy like the two. It has more headroom than Innova and Ertiga. The design is also very unique and new to Indian market. Beautiful headlamps sit on a heavy bumper. The rear look is completely flat. I am expecting the car to be priced decently if it has to do well in Indian market. A sure advantage which I’ll get is the diesel engine technology which will cost low fuel bills to me. The K9K engine 1.5 litre engine will be powering the van and delivering good torque.

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Friday, September 14, 2012


The price tag is also expected to be very economic. According to the fresh reports, Nissan Evalia price will land around Rs. 8 to 10 lakh.

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