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Renault Clio Reviews


By Shreya Arora

Price: 9,03,800


Not a best time to reveal the Renault Clio

Pros : Amazing looks, high ground clearance together with low turning radius

Cons : Sluggish past performance of the company, compact chain of service centers

Hi All, its Shreya Arora from Udaipur. I love cars very much and am very overwhelmed with the performance of the French manufacturer “Renault” who after continuous failures have been trying diligently hard to achieve success and yes their efforts are paying them well, Renault with the marvelous success of Duster is looking forward to launch Clio, it’s another model for the hatch back lovers but the question arises, is it a good time to launch another when the company is facing trouble maintaining its existing array of vehicles. Scala, Pulse and Fluence are the cars they need to concentrate on before going with anymore launches; it’s great they have been able to create an image in the minds of Indian customers with the Duster and if this is properly utilized can help the brand establish themselves with deep roots.

Irrespective of going with anymore launches, it’s the demand of time to have a fair look at the present umbrella in order to strengthen the long term prospects of the brand on Indian terrain and this can well be achieved by catching on the popularity of the mighty Duster, now this a tedious task but I know they are well equipped to do it, the only thing required is to think smartly. Renault Clio is a gorgeous beauty which can be used for the extension of the brand’s horizon, it’s a product designed to serve the customers with the French values and can be used as a potential futuristic weapon but using all the weapons all together can prove to be a disaster which company is not in a position to bear.

Keeping my fingers crossed and giving a tight view to the company’s strategy, I hope they will give fair amount of thought towards this dimension too. A bright future lies ahead for the company so why not encash good return on the current investment irrespective of going for a fresh outflow.

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