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Renault Thalia Reviews


By Anubhav Sharma

Price: 9,03,800


I want to be the first to own a Renault Thalia

Pros : good and new design, not yet launched in India

Cons : the release of this car is taking a really long time to be launched in India

Right from the time when I was a small kid, I had always had the desire to have the newest and the most unique thing first in all of my huge number of friends. And if by chance I could not be the first one or if someone got the new thing before me then I would get very disappointed. This habit has continued to my teen years as well and till now I have that unknown urge to buy the most unique and new stuff and that too by being the first one to own those things.

Right now or I should say that these days I have got my eyes set on such a car. That car is the Renault Thalia. This particular car has not yet been launched in India, and the manufacturing company has not yet disclosed the launch date of this car in India. Even though that the release date of this car is not yet been disclosed but it is sure that this car will be launched in India. Renault is such a company which is not very old in India and it has not been a very long time since it had been launched in India. But even in its short span of time in India the company has proved to be quite successful in delivering quality products and even delivering a good after sale services to its customers. This has indeed produced a number of good and loyal customers for this company.

The Company has been very successful in creating goodwill among all the people among all the people in these years since it had been launched in India. The last few products of this company have been pretty successful in the market which has really raised the bar and expectations from this company. The company has been continuously working in giving an even better product than the last one, and hence I am getting pretty impatient in getting my hands on its latest produce which really seems to be the most lucrative one indeed.

Therefore I am getting very much tempted to buy this car, even if I have to get it imported, and this is exactly what I have been thinking. I have made all the plans to get this car imported to me in India. And luckily these days it has got much easier to get a car or anything imported from abroad. As the procedures have become much easier and now days there are many ways in which one can get help or advice if one wants to do such a thing. And due to this I have made all the preparations get myself imported this car.

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