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Renault Twingo Reviews


By Sanidhya Dewan

Price: 9,03,800


Renault losing edge with boring Twingo

Pros : Smart looks and decently priced

Cons : Very similar to some established cars

Renault has geared to launch “Twingo” in the Indian market. Looking at the aftermath of the success of Duster as the appropriate time to wow the market once again, I think Renault is going the right way but with a wrong vehicle. Introducing myself, I am Sanidhya Dewan from Bihar, a great lover of cars especially the sedans but I too have preference for the hatchbacks and currently I am on the hunt for a new car. Looking at the Renault’s recent performance, it provoked me to check out the profile of cars they are planning to launch but I didn’t found myself interested after having a glance at the portfolio.

The new Renault Twingo they are planning to come up with has nothing new to offer. It is inspired from Hyundai and Chevrolet. Curvy headlights remind me of the Hyundai’s I 20, rear shares resemblance with Chevrolet’s Beat.  Interiors are another example where you will find attributes been copied from multiple Indian market hits, it looks like company is trying to repeat the history again but what happened with Pulse is not sure to happen with Twingo. Company is trying to catch on the success of Duster but they are losing on the points which made Duster successful. New design, smart interiors and best value for money were the key players behind its success.

Serving the old champagne in the new bottle will not always serve the purpose and they need to understand that Indians can’t be fooled that easily, we count and care for those who dazzles and the ones who cheat are expelled out. I think Renault has received the message and they would be working on it. It looks like they are planning nothing more than dooming the limelight they have received because of Duster, using the fanfare positively can bring what they are currently keen on losing.

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