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Tata Safari Storme Reviews


By Sahil

Price: 9,03,800


Tata Safari Storme 4X4 – strong and sporty vehicle!

Pros : DiCOR engine, 4X4 wheel drive option, tough, powerful, good price

Cons : Looks very much like Tata Safari and is huge and massive

I have always seen that how convenient a Land Rover is when it comes to going out on a safari or some kind of adventurous tour. And now when I heard of launch of Tata Safari Storme, I wanted it. I am willing to buy Tata Safari Storme 4X4 version. While I trust the Tata’s as a brand name, what is attracting me most to this sporty massive SUV is its sturdy LAND ROVER like look and its powerful diesel engine that they call as “DiCOR”. I love to travel for adventure and buying a car that can take me out to my desired destinations will be a dream come true.

The DiCOR engine has a great reputation and has served as the source of power in many such masculine sports utility vehicle. It is highly fuel efficient and gives out 140bhp power with instant acceleration in about 16 seconds. Also, this 4x4 version is capable of shifting-on-the-move to 4x2 and back again to 4 wheel drive option.

The buzz is that a small-car size refrigerator will be available as an accessory for this car. On the whole, Tata Safari Storme is an epitome of comfort, power and performance, all at the same time. This could prove as the best SUV for off-roading in India and I am already sure that I want it.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I am also looking for the upcoming Tata Safari Storme. Safari Storme looks much bigger in size.

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