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Volkswagen Tiguan Reviews


By Ram

Price: 9,03,800


Volkswagen Tiguan a true premium SUV!

Pros : superior safety features and comfortable interiors

Cons : high price tag


I am a huge fan of Volkswagen cars! I myself own a Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Jetta. To be true, it has been a dream to own a premium SUV and being a VW fan, I would love to buy Volkswagen Tiguan. However, the major question arises here, will this one ever come to India or not. If we look at the Indian car market, there are many premium SUVs, which are doing quite well and it would be a good decision of VW to bring this one to India. Right now, Volkswagen hasn’t given its enthusiasts a single hint about the launch, but I truly feel if bought to India, I would be the first one to book the car. On the other hand, the sad thing about the car would be price tag. As I came to know through news, if come to India, Volkswagen Tiguan will come attached to a price tag of Rs. 25 lakh or so. Not that this cost is too high, but still it would be nice if the firm keep the car price competitive and a bit more viable. 
Coming to the positive points of the car, which is making me want to buy one! The car will come with superior comfort features, which make the drive very delightful in every way. The high quality upholstery for the seats, 12-way adjustable front seats, and adjustable seats for the rear passengers, ample of legroom and headroom, sufficient cargo space and not to forget air conditioning with automatic climate control makes this SUV, truly premium. Even the designing of the car from outside is notable. The sheer blend of sportiness with elegance is perfect. The alloy wheels provide the car with the much needed stance, while the electric sunroof for panoramic view makes me want it even more. Hopefully, Volkswagen hears its fanatics soon and launches the luxurious and happening Volkswagen Tiguan in the Indian car bazaar as soon as possible.

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