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Volkswagen Tiguan Reviews


By Neal

Price: 9,03,800


Volkswagen Tiguan is desperately awaited

Pros : Stylish exteriors and spacious Interiors

Cons : none

Hi people. I am Neal from Gurgaon. Here I work in an MNC which I have joined recently. I am happy that I have achieved another dream of mine and now it’s the time for the one I am desperately looking forward for. It is to have a car of my own that too not gifted by my parents, rather bought by my own money. As other people I even wish to have a good car that can fulfill my all desires.

I am now capable enough to think of one. In cars, the company I like the most is Volkswagen as it is the most trusted brand in the field of automobiles. Though there are many cars of Volkswagen in the market that I like but the one I am waiting for its upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan. It is the upcoming SUV by Volkswagen whose looks have attracted me a lot. It is expected to be launched with the price tag of 23 lakhs in the year end.

Reading about it I got to know that it is a powerful SUV which is not only good looking but also offer all the aspects that one desires from the car like safety, luxury, comfort, entertainment, power and excellent performance. With all this I am eagerly waiting for the car to be launched up in the market sooner. The past records of the company are so good that I don’t doubt on the quality of performance and comfort offered by Volkswagen Tiguan. The only thing I am feeling a little low about is that I have to wait for the entire year so that I can experience and really drive it. If it would have been launched in the market now then I am sure it would have been tough competition for others in the segment. 

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