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Volkswagen XL1 Reviews


By Rachna

Price: 9,03,800


Volkswagen XL1: Future is here

Pros : Sporty looks, amazing mileage, world class technology, sleek design

Cons : Need to take a test drive before coming up with any shortcomings

For the first time in the history of the automotive industry, world is going to witness a car that has assured to take the problem of rising fuel prices with a heavy hand. Volkswagen, the automotive giant with its great insight intelligence in reading the market demands has geared up to launch the XL1 soon. Car was first showcased at the New Delhi Auto Expo last year adored with beautiful exteriors the gorgeous queen looks like a sports car all set to rock the show. Ever since I saw the Volkswagen’s XL1 the mesmerizing features of the car enticed me and I am keenly waiting for the car to be launched in India.

Looks awesome from the front, rear is not that pleasing to the senses but XL1 is the owner of a cool impeccably designed sporty exterior coupled with flawless aerodynamics together with wonderful mileage, company is always expected to deliver action packed packages with innovative futuristic technology all personified into a real dream to serve its customers at best and yes they are always successful in doing so. As per Volkswagen, XL1 is designed to give 110kmpl it’s huge to bargain for especially if we take into consideration our bad roads. I have been expecting it to be a bit costly but the mileage part will help me put in fabulous saving.

It’s a dream come true when I caught its first sight and am waiting eagerly for its Indian launch, keeping my fingers crossed till the time I engross myself with its first appearance. XL1 is surely going to lay the foundation for many such hybrids to be offered in future and it’s the demand of the day to develop such products to curb the problem of ever rising fuel prices. Looking forward to receive further inputs, it’s a humble request to the company to look into the prospects of Indian customers and enable them to enjoy the ride as soon as possible.

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