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Volvo V40 Reviews


By Nilesh

Price: 9,03,800


Volvo V40: Luxury at the best price ever

Pros : Nice pricing, safety features, trimmed looks, plushy interiors, best combo of a sedan and an SUV

Cons : possible delay, not very popular brand, needs market penetration

Volvo, the Swedish automotive pioneer is gearing to launch its crossover V40 anytime in March or April. Targeting and positioning to hit the upper tip of the luxury car segment, SUV is entitled to give a good head on fight to the already set and performing players. Volvo is a brand which has earned world fame in the manufacturing of safe cars with a slightly heavy price tag, is looking much competitive as per the Indian car market needs. Company has done enough market skimming and has gained good amount of expertise for the proliferation of the empire. Volvo V40 cross is seen as a kick start thrust by the company to deeper its presence in the new world.

Justifying its aggressive pricing for the first time, car is coming fully loaded with host of features which are peculiar characteristic of the luxurious car segment. It’s has been designed to cater the needs of the upper middle class segment who are bored of the conventional BMW, AUDI and Mercedes offerings and looking for an spicy elegant ride at the very competitive and affordable price. Volvo V40 is the prime time affair for the people who need a smart cool wagon at the best price ever and is the one which encompasses the best of an SUV and sedan to give its owner, the better of two worlds.

Eyeing to grab the growing market’s share has turned the company to take diligent steps and their deep drilled analysis has done the wonder of mixing the best of luxury, competence, features and beauty in the package which makes it the hot bumper offer of the day, expecting the company to bring in many such new products that enables the middle man to catch on the persona of the automotive giant and Volvo V40 is surely laying a milestone in building a strongest relationship ever.

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